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In 1936, Liberté began manufacturing cream and cottage cheeses near downtown Montréal on the corner of Saint-Urbain and Duluth streets, which today is home to Café Santropol.

As the company grew, production maintained a traditional and artisanal character. After relocating to Brossard in 1964, Liberté continued to manufacture cream cheese and began producing yogurt. With the success of this new endeavour, the company then developed an increasing number of products, all the while upholding its standards of quality and purity. In 2008, Liberté acquired a plant in Saint-Hyacinthe to support its expansion.

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We craft the simplest and best tasting dairy products.

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We craft new and exciting products - always leading, never following.

We remain true to ourselves, our products and our customers.

Community mindedness
We care about our employees, community and the environment.

We are passionate about our craft and committed to excelling at everything we do. 

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Liberté is best defined as a natural artisan (« Artisan de nature »). And artisans are at the heart of the corporation’s activities, carrying out their professions with passion. Wholesome and natural simple pleasures, Liberté products truly embody all that nature has to offer. Natural artisans bring their passion for Liberté right to your table, conveying delight, flavour, richness and the satisfaction that comes with providing natural products. It goes without saying that Liberté’s artisans create only high-quality products.