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Step 2 - Banana 6%

6% m.g.

Format: 4 x 75 g

Choosing purity with Liberté baby.

Introducing new foods to a baby’s diet is an important milestone for parents. Seeking to offer parents and their children the best in nutrition, we are now offering Liberté baby, a yogurt line for infants aged 9 months and older.

To make the choice easier for parents, we designed two yogurts that meet the specific needs of infants when they are introduced to new foods. For babies 12 months and older who already appreciates plain yogurt, we suggests pursuing the discovery with Liberté baby Step 2. 

The younger the child, the more ready he or she is to try new foods. The transition period from purees to the foods that the whole family eats is a good time to gradually initiate infants to a wide variety of foods. Made from fruit purees and whole milk, this yogurt is smooth and stirred. Liberté baby Step 2 has a milk fat content of 6%, contains probiotics and is enriched with vitamin D. 

True to our authentic nature, we have made these new yogurts with the purest of ingredients so that children enjoy discovering this new creamy texture.


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