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Organic Plain Kefir

Organic Plain Kefir

2% m.g.


Format: 454 ml

Choosing nature with Liberté Organic.

Kefir is a complex fermented milk product containing bacteria and yeast, and is recommended by Canada’s Food Guide for its calcium content. With over 37 billion bacteria per 100 ml more than any yogurt it’s the champagne of probiotic milk beverages.

The history and tradition of kefir are as old as its reputation as a health product. In the countries of the one-time Soviet Union, kefir was used to treat stomach ulcers, gastric illnesses, chronic enteritis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

As with most other probiotic products, a dose of kefir is recommended daily for its full benefits to take effect. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its effervescence. Liberté Kefir contains 20 different kinds of bacteria and yeast. A single tablespoon (15 ml) a day yields 5 billion beneficial bacteria.

Drink it by the spoonful or the glass or pour it over your favourite cereal!


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M Fallon From M Fallon

Can I add organic plain kefir to my warm milk and oatmeal.

Jen From Jen

Wondering if liberte kefir is a source of vitamin k2?

Liberté From Liberté

Hello Jen, we can't confirm this information, but there's a little portion of vitamin k2 in milk. Knowing this information, there's probably a little portion of this vitamin in the kefir. Thank you and don't hesitate to call us if you want more information 1-888-340-9306. Have a good day.

DB From DB

Hi again, Need ++ kefir education. 1-Liberté's reply to Cathie states the list of bacteria & yeast strains in Liiberté's organic plain kefir, correct? 2- Have read that homemade kefir has 30-40 bac. & yeast strains, how come Liberté's has 20? 3- Is Liberté's kefir pasturized too or only the milk used to make the kefir?4- 20 bacteria & yeasts at beginning of process or in end product? :o)

Liberté From Liberté

Hello DB, thank you for your questions. It is an exhaustive list of bacteria. There's more than 20 bacteria, but 20 are known. All our milk products are pasturized. For more info, don't hesitate to call us 1-888-340-9306. Have a good day.


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