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The greek yogourt that’s now even The greek yogourt that’s now even

The perfect mix of cereals,
crunchy nuts and juicy pieces of fruit.

+Greek yogourt

Strained according to the traditional cheesecloth method,
it's the texture is remarkably creamy.

Complete and hearty

  • 50%more yogourt than the traditional individual serving size

  • 150 g bowlto keep your energy up

  • 11 gof protein

A good start to the day

With its unique bowl format, Greek Muesli yogourt is perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Multi-meal +

By foregoing the traditional three meals a day for small, balanced portions throughout the day, multi-meal advocates maintain a more constant energy level.


Pieces of juicy apricot combined with the creamy texture of Greek yogourt are paired with a tasty mix of oats, barley and wheat flakes, hazelnuts and almonds.

Nutrition Facts


The creamy texture of Greek yogourt blended with fresh apple pieces marry beautifully with crunchy nuts and cereals.

Nutrition Facts