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Plain 10%

Plain 10%

10% m.g.

Format: 750 g

Choosing pleasure with Liberté Méditerranée.

The chef’s favourite and our artisans’ pride. Manufactured in the purest Mediterranean tradition, this opulent line of yogurts, exclusive to Liberté, is a special treat that we proudly offer for more than 30 years. 

Méditerranée yogurt is made from milk and cream. With a texture that’s the richest and creamiest on the market, this is yogurt at its finest. La crème de la crème like we say.

This yogurts is exceptionally creamy and has 10% fat. It contains neither gelatine, nor sugar substitutes.


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29 Comment(s)

Lisa From Lisa

Love your products, especially your baby line. However since the new year I have been unable to find it in my local supermarkets (I live in Vaughan).
One store told me that the packaging may be changing and this is why they stopped stocking it...please let me know if you still produce the baby Liberte and where I can find it.

Carlo From Carlo

Best yogurt I have ever had

Liberté From Liberté

Thank you Carlo!

Robert From Robert

September 2014 I found your incredible yogurt selling at my local 99 Cent Store, and Walmart (Lancaster, California). In fact it was selling just about everywhere I looked. I was a very happy.
I turned my family onto it, and how good Liberte yogurt is.
By December Liberte is impossible to find. My question is, what happened and why can't I find your fab yogurt?

Liberté From Liberté

Hello Robert, thanks a lot for your great comment! We invite you to contact Liberté US by visiting their website ( to learn where you'd be able to find the flavour that you'd like in your area. Thank you and have a great day!


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