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Coconut 9%

Coconut 9%

9% m.g.

Format: 500 g, 142 g

Choosing pleasure with Liberté Méditerranée.

The chef’s favourite and our artisans’ pride. Manufactured in the purest Mediterranean tradition, this opulent line of yogurts, exclusive to Liberté, is a special treat that we proudly offer for more than 30 years. 

Méditerranée yogurt is made from milk and cream. With a texture that’s the richest and creamiest on the market, this is yogurt at its finest. La crème de la crème like we say.

This yogurt is exceptionally creamy and has 9 % fat. It contains neither gelatine, nor sugar substitutes.


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16 Comment(s)

Michael McConnell From Michael McConnell

It is extremely difficult to find your products in the US, the website product locater doesn't work very well. Is there anyway to order the products directly?

Liberté From Liberté

Hello Michael, this is the Canadian website. You may contact our friends from the US via (1-800-453-0510). They will be pleased to help you to find the Liberté products. Thanks and have a good day!

Sally Assinewai From Sally Assinewai

Your Liberté Méditerranée Coconut yogurt is pure Heaven! I have tried a lot of your yogurts and really like them all, but the Méditerranée selection is just fabulous! But what is best either eating a nonfat, non sugar yogurt that tastes good, everyday or enjoying a yogurt that isn't nonfat and has sugar but tastes FANTASTIC a couple of times a week.

Liberté From Liberté

Hello Sally, thanks for taking the time to write to us! We are happy to know that you like our products. Have a great day.

Marilyn Barnes From Marilyn Barnes

Never wrote a review before. LOVE your yogurt. higher calorie content - but pure heaven. New a blue day when enjoying your product. I LOVE the coconut. Thanks so much for making this great product.

Liberté From Liberté

Hello Marilyn, thank you so much for taking the time to write to us! We are happy that you appreciate our Méditerranée yogurt. Have a good day.


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