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Fresh Quark Cheese

Fresh Quark Cheese

0.25% m.g.

Format: 375 g

Choosing to experiment with Liberté cuisine.

Easy to spread and creamy, it blends effortlessly with other ingredients and gives great results in cooked and uncooked dishes alike. Fat- and salt-free, Fresh Quark Cheese is rich in protein and as richly textured as any fattier fresh cheese.


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Hans Lichtenberg From Hans Lichtenberg

What stores in Toronto sell
Fresh Quark cheese?

Eloise From Eloise

Where can I buy Quark cheese in Ontario? Closest large supermarkets are in the city of North Bay and town of Huntsville Ontario. Metro, Sobeys, Food Basics, Foodland, Independent are some of the grocery stores available to me.

patricia pedross From patricia pedross

where can I find Crème Fraiche?
I live in Shelburne Nova Scotia. B0T1W0