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Fresh Quark Cheese

Fresh Quark Cheese

0.25% m.g.

Format: 375 g

Choosing to experiment with Liberté cuisine.

Easy to spread and creamy, it blends effortlessly with other ingredients and gives great results in cooked and uncooked dishes alike. Fat- and salt-free, Fresh Quark Cheese is rich in protein and as richly textured as any fattier fresh cheese.


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Danielle From Danielle

Hello, Is the Quark Cheese available at any stores in Edmonton, AB?
Thank you,

Liberté From Liberté

hello Danielle, unfortunately there is no Quark in Alberta, you could ask for it to your local retailer. Have a nice day.

Melanie From Melanie

Could you please tell me where I can find your quark product in or near North Saanich, BC? Thank you.

Liberté From Liberté

Hello Melanie, our Fresh Quark Cheese is not available directly in North Saanich, but close from there, there's a grocery store named Peppers (3829 Cadboro Bay Road Saanich, BC V8N) where the Assistant Manager (Scott) would be happy to order the product for you. Thanks and have a great day!

Julia From Julia

Hi, Where can I buy the fresh quark cheese in Vancouver BC downtown yaletwon, Fairview or Mt.Plesant?

Liberté From Liberté

Hello Julia, our Fresh Quark Cheese is available at these grocery stores: BUY LOW- 370 EAST BROADWAY - VANCOUVER - BC - V5T 4G8 - 604-872-5776, H.Y LOUIE CO. LIMITED 2949 MAIN ST. - VANCOUVER - BC - V5T 3G4 - 604-873-8377. CHOICES MARKET (CAMBIE) 3493 CAMBIE ST. - VANCOUVER - BC - V5Z 2W7 - 604-875-0099, WHOLE FOODS MKT DAIRY (CAMBIE ST) 510 8TH AVENUE WEST - VANCOUVER - BC - V5Z 1C5 - 778-370-4210. Don't hesitate to talk to the grocery manager to order the product if you don't find it. Have a good day!