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Fresh Quark Cheese

Fresh Quark Cheese

0.25% m.g.

Format: 375 g

Choosing to experiment with Liberté cuisine.

Easy to spread and creamy, it blends effortlessly with other ingredients and gives great results in cooked and uncooked dishes alike. Fat- and salt-free, Fresh Quark Cheese is rich in protein and as richly textured as any fattier fresh cheese.


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43 Comment(s)

George Behr From George Behr

Left a message to the above telephone number and hopefully I will receive a call back since it has been two months. Its in regard to having a product placed in Saskatchewan. I wish to purchase but not in mass quantities! Waiting patiently to no avail..

Linda Greenway From Linda Greenway

Hi, I am wondering where I can buy your quark cheese in or near Vancouver, BC.

Susan Thomas From Susan Thomas

Is your quark available anywhere in Saskatoon, Sk.

Liberté From Liberté

Hello Susan, we invite to contact us at 1-888-340-9306. We'll be happy to make a research for you with your address. Thanks and have a good day.