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Top 5 dips to discover!

By Liberté Canada

Adding dip recipes to your meals during holiday season; classic! Quick and easy to made, it’s a great way to combine different ingredients and discover new flavours.  

We strongly believed that the best ingredients make the best dishes. To assist you in preparing your meals, here’s our top 5 dips to discover with our diffrent products!


  1 - Dip cheese and herbs


While freshness, this dip combines herbs and products such as our famous Fresh Quark Cheese.




2 – Greek-style Dip


The Mediterranean diet is known for its cardiovascular health benefits, so be sure to make the most of regional recipes. This dip is the ideal option for a lighter recipe.




3 - Spicy Lemon Dip


There are more than vegetables to add with dip. This will be great one to mix with your kebabs.



4 – Tzaziki 


A classic remains a classic! Did you know that we have a Tzaziki product? An authentic recipe made with Greek yogurt, dill, garlic, cucumber and olive oil. A must-try!




5 – Avocado Dip


To create a healthy creamy dip; add some avocado in your recipe. With tortillas, it’s a warp! 



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