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There is a plain yogourt for every gourmet idea!

By Liberté

Eating yogourt is probably the simplest and most easy way to pamper yourself throughout the day. But yogourt, kefir or any Liberté Cuisine products can also help to enhance easy recipes that will delight your family during the Holidays!



The most indulgent yogourt. Substitute half of the cream in your dessert recipes with this rich yogourt to make them even smoother.



Just a few tablespoons of Liberté Classique yogourt will add a refreshing hint to your favorite soup.


Granola plus a few tablespoons of Greek yogourt and your favorite fruit compote makes for a beautifully simple brunch!



Looking for a smoothie that is both delicious and nutritious? Simply mix kefir, cocoa powder and a banana to have a perfect breakfast for a snowy Sunday morning.


Cream cheese

The perfect partner for toast! Top your toast with cream cheese, cottage cheese, Quark or even sour cream and add your favourite topping. The possibilities are endless.


Bon appétit!

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