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Summer pizza with Liberté Fresh Quark Cheese

By Liberté Canada

With its unique texture, halfway between riccotta and cream cheese, quark cheese is great for many types of recipe. With its almost nonexistent fat percentage (0.25%!), it will give a rich texture to your meals without the high fat of other cheeses.


You will need :

A large pizza crust (homemade or from the store) or small ones

A 375 g of Fresh Quark Cheese container

One yellow pepper

One pack of cherry tomatos

Some fine herbs (here we have basil, coriander and parsley)

2 garlic cloves

A dash of olive oil

A thin trickle of balsamic vinegar

2 cups of salad rocket


Preparation :

Pre-heat your barbecue to medium.

Put the yellow pepper and the cherry tomatos on the grill. Let them bake till they’re grilled and crispy (10 to 15 minutes).

While they cook, chop finely the garlic and.the fine herbs. 

Add them to the Fresh Quark Cheese with salt and pepper.

Mix until you have a smooth texture.

Let chill the yellow pepper and peel it.

Tear the flesh of the yellow pepper and tomatos (make it rustic!).

Spread the fresh quark cheese preparation on the pizza crusts. Add the grilled vegetables.

Grill your pizza till the crust is golden and crispy.

Add a large serving of salad rocket.

Sprinkle with a dash of olive oil and a thin trickle of balsamic vinegar.



This pizza is as good right of the grill as for picnics

Don’t hesitate to give us your comments as well as some pictures of your own creation!

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