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Plan, shop, cook and enjoy!

By Hubert Cormier, nutritionniste / nutritionnist

The theme of Nutrition Month 2013 (March) is Plan, shop, cook and enjoy!   – A winning recipe! Here are a few tips to apply the four steps every day.



Liberté has made an interesting tool available on its website: the nutrition calculator. Specially designed to create a personalized menu to ensure you meet your energy needs after exercising, the calculator will help you plan balanced meals on a daily basis. It will also suggest ideas for snacks to help you recover.

Smartphones and tablets have made meal planning increasingly simple. There are several mobile applications that will plan your weekday meals and create shopping lists with all the necessary ingredients.


Here are some of my favourites:



Grocery shopping is a task that many people would prefer to skip. But I see it as the ideal time to select fresh foods, which are the perfect ingredients to cook with. If there are supermarkets nearby, it’s best to shop at several stores to take advantage of promotions and coupons. A survey conducted by the experts at L’Épicerie, a television show broadcast on Radio-Canada, showed that consumers could save up to $50 by going to several stores and making the most of the products on sale. To help you plan your meals, the Save Money section of the Website SOS Cuisine lists the weekly specials in all the supermarket chains. Select the stores in your area and see all the rebates in each category.



Several studies have shown that people today spend less time in the kitchen than previous generations. For many, cooking a meal, eating it, washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen should ideally take 30 minutes. But cooking requires time and preparation and knowledge of certain culinary techniques. So why not take a cooking class? It’s a fun group activity, and the skills you will acquire will help you save time every day.


Here are a few great cooking classes:

In Québec City or in Montréal – Ateliers et saveurs  

In Montréal – La Guilde Culinaire

In Montréal – Learn how to make sushi at home (in French) Sushi et Tartare 

Liberté’s Web site is chockfull of ideas and recipes. Click here to discover them!



Savouring is undoubtedly the best part of a meal! Remember to take your time: it’s best to eat slowly and take small bites to better distinguish the flavours and appreciate the food. Also, eating slowly will enable you to feel satiety cues without overeating. Use mealtimes to spend time with family members and talk around the table…and turn off the TV! It’s a wonderful moment and important tradition to pass on to your children.

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