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Organic farming facts

By Liberté Canada


Organic farm animals are raised in minimum stress environments and are given reasonable freedom of movement. They are not crammed into small spaces. They stay out in the sun, breathe in fresh air and drink clean water. All of the grain, fodder and proteins consumed by the animals must be organic. The animals are kept healthy without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth agents or other such products.


Organic farming

An organic farm is set up to create ecosystems that will allow for long-term productivity and weed and pest control through the use of mutually-dependent life forms, plant and animal waste recycling, crop selection and rotation and proper water management. A system that optimizes the biological activity of the soil ensures fertility and maximizes nutrient supply to plants and animals.


What organic farming doesn't use

Mineral fertilizers and synthetic herbicides and pesticides are never used in organic farming. Neither are growth regulators, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, dyes, radiation or genetically modified plants or animals.




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