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Liberté: Instagram & Twitter Contest

By Liberté Canada



Simplicity inspires you?

Show us your pictures!


Follow us on Instagram and/or on Twitter and share your pictures with the hashtag #simplicitytastesbetter.

You could win a month’s supply of Liberté yogourt!

Winners will be announced June 8, 14 & 22, 2014.


Let's share our best moments!


First winner

June 8, 2014

Via Twitter @brypark1

"Simplicity: Watching my husband skip stones with our daughter. #simplicitytastesbetter"




Second winner

June 14, 2014

Via Twitter @raptturk

" Hanging out in unexpected places #simplicitytastesbetter"



Final winner

June 22, 2014

Via Instagram @jenniferrlee




Your evaluation

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    Ham Smith
    2014-08-07 12:50:32
    I discovered this yogurt when I was in Quebec 7 yrs ago. The glop sold in the US -at least in the Washington DC Metro area- in no way resembles what is sold in Canada. The US has 45% MORE SUGAR (29g vs. 20g in Vanilla) for starters. And what's with the phony French labeling ("Mediterranee"), when this product in cooked up in the US? You really think an obese, diabetic nation needs 45% more sugar?
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    2014-08-07 14:44:46
    As you know, you have contacted the canadian consumer service. Thank you, Ham, for your comment, we suggest that you contact Liberté US, they will be very happy to receive your comments, suggestion or request. Please contact us at our Consumer Service center at 1-800-453-0510 or visit our website Have a nice day !