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Facts on Liberté Kéfir!

By Liberté Canada


The Liberté Kéfir, do you know this product?

Learn more about our probiotic fermented milk products! 


  • Contains 46 billion probiotics

  • Excellent calcium and vitamin D sources

  • How you may taste it? On it's own, in marinades or with cereal


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    2016-02-25 23:43:59
    Liberte Kefir is an excellent product and we love it. But it is a little b it pricey though. My favorite and the only one we drink is a plain one. Since we moved from former Yugoslavia, where we had this type of kefir for a long time, it is something we missed for many years, until now. The price shouldn't be so much higher than for the same amount of milk.
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    2016-03-15 11:38:07
    Hi Nena, Thank you for you comment. We are really happy to hear that you liked our Kefir and that you could find a product that reminds you of Yugoslavia. Concerning the price of our product, it's higher than milk for a simple reason: the price of milk is regulated in Quebec. Also, milk being only one of our ingredients, we can't propose our Kefir at a similar price. We hope that our explanation helps you understand the price of this product. We thank you again for your comment, we really appreciate it.